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Sai Hing Wild Cloud Ear Fungus 世兴野山云耳 50g

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Sai Hing Wild Cloud Ear Fungus

Produce from high-altitude, unpolluted area.

Rich in protein, iron and multi-vitamins, is a cheap tonic food.

It has efficacy of moisten lungs, nourishes energy and blood, promote blood circulation.

It can remove accumulated and indigestible fibrous waste in the stomach and intestines.

Ideal for postpartum fatique, hand numbness and leg cramps.


- Clear the stomach and cleanse the intestine

- Moisturizing and nourishing the skin

- Treat hemorrhoids and stop bleeding



  • Steamed Chicken Thighs with wolfberry and Cloud Ear Fungus
  1. Marinate 3 chicken wings for 4 hours with rice wine, salt, and pepper. Soak and clean the cloud ear fungus and goji berries Shred ginger and chop spring onion.
  2. Layer cloud ear fungus and chicken thighs. Add ginger, spring onion, goji berries, and a tablespoon of Shaoxing wine. Steam for about 20 minutes.
  3. After steaming, add two tablespoons of soy sauce for seasoning.

  • Chinese Yam Cloud Ear Pork Rib Soup
  1. Add blanched 250G ribs, soaked cloud ear fungus, 6 piece Huai Shan, 3 slice ginger, one spring onion, and one slice Chuan Xiong to the pot.
  2. Simmer over low heat for one hour after the water in the pot comes to a boil.
  3. remove the spring onion segments and season with a pinch of white pepper powder and a teaspoon of salt.


First in Singapore to supply GMP Certified Product.

Manufactured by Sai Hing Medical Hall


Made in Singapore

Authentic. Natural product.

Suitable for family.

Free from Sulphur dioxide, artificial flavoring, and preservatives.


Place at a cool and dry place. Please store in the refrigerator to maintain freshness if intended to consume after 30 days.

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