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Sai Hing Top Graded ChuanBei (Sichuan fritill bulbs) 世兴一等川贝 30g

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Sai Hing Top Graded Chuan Bei (SiChuan Fritill bulbs)

Produce of Sichuan, top graded Chuanbei.

Chuan Bei is known for their remarkable efficacy to moisten lungs, relieve cough and reduce phlegm. It address irritating dry chesty cough caused, cough due to overexertion and Yin deficiency.



- Clearing heat and expectoration

- moistening lung for arresting cough

- Relieve depression and disperse knot



  • Stewed Pear with Chuan Bei
  1. Peel and wash the pear, then cut it in half horizontally and scoop out the core in the middle to form a cup.
  2. Crush 3-4 rock sugar pieces and 5g Fritillaria cirrhosa. Add them to the pear cup.
  3. Add water to the stewing cup (excluding the pear itself), cover it with the pear lid, and steam over low heat for about 1 hour.

  • Papaya and Chuan Bei stew with white fungus.
  1. Soak the 1 white fungus and tear into pieces, peel and seed the half papaya, cut into small cubes, and soak the 25G Chuan Bei for 30 minutes.
  2. Put all the ingredients into the electric pressure cooker and select the soup stew function. The cooker will automatically start cooking.


First in Singapore to supply GMP Certified Product.

Manufactured by Sai Hing Medical Hall


Made in Singapore

Authentic. Natural product.

Suitable for family.

Free from Sulphur dioxide, artificial flavoring, and preservatives.


Place at a cool and dry place. Please store in the refrigerator to maintain freshness if intended to consume after 30 days.

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