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Sai Hing Longevity Soup 世兴八珍滋阴汤 100g (For 2-3 pax)

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Sai Hing Longevity Ba Zhen Herbal Soup (Serves 2-3 persons)



- White peony root

- liquorice root

- Atractylodes macrocephala koidz

- chinese Angelica

- Szechwan lovage Rhizome

- Indian Buead Tuckehoe

- Wolfberry

- Rehmannia glutinosa

- Diospyros lotus

- Pilose Asiabell Root

- White Peony Root



- Replenish blood and regulate mentruation

- method of treating yin deficiency by reinforcing body fluid

- tonifying middle-Jiao and Qi.


Target Audience:

Suitable for whole family. Not suitable for pregnant woman.

People who are afraid of cold hand and feet

Pale face

People who get tired easily and often feel sleepy

People who have irregular periods

A person in menopause


Cooking Method:

Cook herbs and 200g of ingredients of your choice for 2 hours in 2L of water.


First in Singapore to supply GMP Certified Product.

Manufactured by Sai Hing Medical Hall


Made in Singapore

Authentic. Natural product.

Suitable for family. Not suitable for pregnant woman.

Free from Sulphur dioxide, artificial flavoring, and preservatives.


Place at a cool and dry place. Please store in the refrigerator to maintain freshness if intended to consume after 30 days.

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