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HuaJiao Scallop Beauty Soup - 花胶干贝美颜汤

You are in for a treat! 花胶干贝美颜汤 (Hua Jiao Gan Bei Mei Yan Tang), Fish Ma promotes good health and beauty complexion. This is ab"soup"lutely suitable for pregnant women and their babies.

(Recommended weight/unit, can be adjusted according to your tastes/liking!)

Fish Maw
Snow Fungus 
Japanese Scallops 
Shiitake Mushroom
Solomon’s Seal
Dried Longan 
Red Dates
Chinese Yam
Astragalus Root

* Sai Hing HuaJiao Scallop Beauty Soup Packet has pre-packaged ingredients that have been carefully crafted for the best medical effects and taste. 

Things that you can add for a better taste.
Chicken Thighs – x2 

Yield: 2-3 persons

Preparation Time: 30 minutes for soaking the herbs
Cooking Time: 110 minutes


Step 1. Rinse and soak the herbs in a bowl of water for at least 30 minutes.

Step 2. Add all the herbs into a cooking pot. [Tips: Cut the Red Dates into half for the flavors to come through stronger]. Next, add the 2 big chicken thighs into the cooking pot with 2 Liters of water. Boil and simmer the soup for 110 minutes.

Step 3. Add wolfberries during the last 5 - 10 minutes and the soup will be ready to be served!

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