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Sai Hing Traditional Chinese Casserole Ceramic Pot with Automatic Cooker 4.5L

In stock | 4000 kg

Sai Hing Traditional Chinese Casserole Ceramic Decoction 4.5L Pot with Automatic Cooker 世兴陶瓷锅

Elevate your cooking experience with the Sai Hing Traditional Chinese Casserole Ceramic Decoction Pot. This automatic cooker is designed to make brewing and cooking herbal medicine, soup, porridge, and desserts incredibly easy and efficient.


  • 4.5 Litres Capacity. Perfect for brewing large batches of herbal medicine or cooking family-sized portions of soup, porridge, and desserts.
  • Automatic Hot Plate. Comes with an integrated automatic hot plate for consistent and even heating.
  • One Touch Control. Simple and convenient one-touch control for hassle-free cooking.
  • Timer Control. Easily set and manage cooking times with the built-in timer, ensuring perfect results every time.
  • High Quality Ceramic Pot. Japan-made classic casserole ceramic pot, known for its durability and excellent heat retention.
  • Safety Standards. Complies with Singapore Safety Standards for your peace of mind.


  • Capacity of 4.5 Litres
  • Material made of High Quality Ceramic
  • Functions designed to Brew or Cook herbal medicine, soup, porridge, dessert
  • Control with One Touch operation with timer control
  • Safety meets Singapore Safety Standards

Why Choose Sai Hing Traditional Chinese Casserole Ceramic Decoction Pot

  • Versatility Ideal for various cooking needs, from brewing traditional herbal medicine to preparing delicious family meals.
  • Ease of Use User-friendly design with one touch controls and timer settings for effortless cooking.
  • Quality Made with premium materials ensuring longevity and excellent performance.
  • Safety Adheres to strict safety standards, ensuring safe and reliable use in your home.

Transform your cooking routine with the Sai Hing Traditional Chinese Casserole Ceramic Decoction Pot and enjoy the perfect blend of tradition and modern convenience.

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